School Closure


Shone landscapeAlthough there are no classes scheduled during Spring Break (March 20th – 26th) and Faculty will be off, it is expected that all other departments and work locations of the District will be open for business during that time.  Exceptions will only be granted to departments and locations that have requested permission and have been approved to close or to have reduced hours during all or part of that week.   

The following departments or work locations have been approved to be closed or have reduced hours for the week of Spring Break:


Academic Affairs

  • Art (Closed all week)
  • Biological Sciences (Closed all week)
  • Business Department (Closed all week)
  • Career Hub (Closed all week)
  • Chemistry & Physics (Closed all week)
  • Child Development (Closed all week)
  • College Skills & Tutorial Center (SR & Petaluma) (Closed all week)
  • Earth & Space Sciences (Closed all week)
  • English as a Second Language (Closed all week)
  • HOPE Center (Closed all week)
  • Library (Doyle & Mahoney) (Closed all week)
  • Mathematics (Closed all week)
  • Media Services (Petaluma only) (Closed all week)
  • MESA Center (Closed all week)

Finance & Administrative Services

  • Accounting (Closed all week)
  • Finance and Administrative Services office (Closed all week)
  • Payroll (Closed all week)
  • Purchasing (Closed all week)

Human Resources

  • Human Resources (Closed all week)


  • Counseling (Closed March 24)
  • Our House Intercultural Center (Closed March 24)
  • Student Engagement & Success Center (Closed March 24)
  • Student Support Center (Closed all week)
  • Welcome & Connect Center (No evening hours after 5:00 pm and Closed March 24)

Student Services

  • Admissions, Records & Enrollment Services (offering remote services only)
  • Counseling (Open M – Th 9:00 – 4:00; Closed March 24)
  • Disability Resources (Closed all week)
  • Facility Use & Event Services (Closed all week)
  • Financial Aid (Closed all week)
  • International Student Program (offering remote services only)
  • Reentry & Student Resources (Closed all week)
  • Scholarship Programs (Closed all week)
  • Student Health Services (Closed all week)
  • Student Life & Engagement (Closed all week)
  • Student Support Programs (EOPS, CalWORKs, and Foster Youth Programs) (Closed all week)
  • Undocu Immigrant Dream Center (offering remote services only)
  • Veterans Success Centers (Closed all week)
  • Welcome and Connect Center (offering remote services only)

In addition, the SRJC Foundation will be closed all week.

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