Winter Break 2023/24



Santa Rosa campusThe District will be closed December 25, 2023 through January 1, 2024 for the Winter Break.  It is expected that all departments and work locations of the District will be closed during this time.  Exceptions will only be granted to employees and/or departments that are mandated to remain open due to business necessity.  Some offices may also be closed on additional dates or have limited hours of operation as listed below, so please plan accordingly.

The following departments or work locations have been approved to be closed on additional days or will have limited hours of operation during the Winter Break:


Academic Affairs
  • Child Development (Closed December 18th – 22nd)
  • Children’s Center (Closed December 18th – 22nd)
  • Emeritus Service Center (Closed December 21st & 22nd)

Finance and Administrative Services
  • Accounting (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • District Police (Open December 25 – January 1)
  • Finance and Administrative Services office (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Payroll (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Purchasing (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Petaluma Faculty Support & Finance & Administrative Services (Closed December 21st & 22nd)


Human Resources
  • Human Resources (Closed December 21st & 22nd)


Petaluma Campus
  • Counseling (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Faculty Support Services (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Media Services (Phone Services Available December 21st & 22nd)
  • Our House Intercultural Center (Services offered in the Student Engagement & Success Center December 18th – 20th & Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Student Engagement & Success Center North (Closed December 22nd)
  • Student Support Center DRD & Testing Services  (Closed December 21st & 22nd)


President’s Office
  • President’s Office (Closed December 21st & 22nd)


Student Services
  • Admissions, Records & Enrollment Services (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Counseling & Student Success (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Disability Resources (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Facility Use and Event Services (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Financial Aid (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Reentry & Student Resources (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Student Life, Equity and Engagement (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • Student Support Programs – EOPS, CalWORKs, and Foster Youth Programs (Closed December 21st & 22nd)
  • SR Welcome & Connect Center (Closing at 1:00 on December 22nd)

This list is as of Friday, December 19, 2023,

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