Older Adults Program Transitions to SRJC Lifelong Learning


Lifelong Learning logoDecember 18, 2023 - Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) has re-named its Older Adults Program to SRJC Lifelong Learning.

The SRJC Older Adults program began in 1968, offering free, noncredit courses designed specifically for active older adults. As the program has expanded over the past few years, the name change to SRJC Lifelong Learning more adeptly describes and connects community members to the various opportunities SRJC offers to encourage critical thinking, creativity, and social engagement.

SRJC Lifelong Learning instructors and classes focus on creating a welcoming environment that gives students of all ages a sense of connection and leads to a better overall quality of life.  Classes provide  opportunities for personal growth and development, group interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity. The classes have no minimum age requirement, though courses are tailored toward older adults.

All classes are free and flexible and community members can join any open class at any point during the semester. 

 “While our work providing transfer, associate degrees, and certificates is foundational to our mission, SRJC also fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and personal enrichment by offering a diverse range of classes primarily focused on our older adult community,” said Superintendent/President Dr. Angélica Garcia. “I believe community colleges should also serve as hubs for holistic education, promoting the idea that learning is a lifelong pursuit, not limited by age or stage in life.” 

Classes begin January 16th. Explore classes on creative arts, autobiographical writing, fitness, or musical experience. Discussion group classes are held on conversational Spanish, women’s health, meditation, aging naturally, current events, genealogy, travel, and more. 

For more information, visit the new website at https://lifelong.santarosa.edu

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